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    Can't delete a file (Windows XP Pro)

    I put one of the Carmen Sandiego games from Broderbund on our new Dell with XP Pro. It gummed up the works, so I uninstalled it. However, there is one file that continues to run, BSSAgent (or maybe DSSAgent -- I'm not at the computer). I found the offending file and absolutely cannot delete it. I have logged on as adminstrator, taken ownership of the file, and given myself every permission I could find over it, the entire directory structure above it, and a number of things that have nothing to do with it, and still I am told that I do not have the right to delete it.

    This is bothersome both because I told the install program that I DIDN'T want the Broderbund agent to scour the web looking for new Broderbund software to buy, and also because occasionally, when logging off, I briefly see a dialogue box informing me that the Broderbund Agent is shutting down. I may be able to get them to help me on the specific deletion, but the inability to delete something, even if the system think's I'm God, is disturbing.

    Any ideas what I might be doing wrong or not doing?

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    Re: Can't delete a file (Windows XP Pro)

    My money says that the program is running at startup. Check using MSCONFIG - if you enter that from the Start - Run menu, you'll see what is loading at startup.

    I recall a similar problem on my 2000 PC - and it was a program being surreptitiously loaded from ANOTHER program!!

    You can also see if the program is running using the Task Manager. Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to pop it up and look at the processes tab.

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    Re: Can't delete a file (Windows XP Pro)

    You DO need to do what Mark suggested FIRST, but it that doesn't yield any indication, you may have to drop to "DOS" to delete the file. I don't know why XP does this, but I've had two or three instances of trying to delete some unimportant file and XP giving me the message that the file is "in use" and refusing to let me delete. I've gone to the DOS prompt and deleted on more than one occasion.

    But please do as Mark suggested FIRST! You need to see if the file is being called at startup.


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    Re: Can't delete a file (Windows XP Pro)

    For reasons I can't explain well, I have had problems deleting a few files
    no matter how you chose to log in with whatever option for priveleges
    and I finally got it done by using the Windows Explorer interface and any of
    its views, making sure first to enable Show All Hidden Files and Folders in Folder
    Options (accessing it from View in Explorer or the Control Panel). MSCONFIG
    is always a good thing to check and will sometimes get rid of files that won't seem
    to go away any other say, but it won't access a number of tiles, applications, game
    installations. It will get an annoying face of the program out of sight, by disabling it's
    ability to run on Start. but removing that checkmark does nothing to delete the program.
    An application like Norton Unerase Wizard (System Works) sometimes can find a related
    file with its name in the file path and delete this. Sometimes paradoxically reinstalling
    the very program you are trying to delete will aid in the uninstall, possibly because on
    the initial installation a file needed to effect uninstall was missing/corrupt.
    The efficiency of the
    Windows Installer and Uninstaller and its interaction with applications' Installers/
    Uninstallers has a lot of room for improvement. It's possible that if you had
    a restore point previous to that file you could use System Restore to restore
    your system to before you put in Carmen.
    MercC from this lounge introduced me to an app called Add/Remove Pro
    from Dave Central at,215 .
    There is an application on Merc's site called Sure Delete which might help
    at . There are free
    command line tools for downloading, including one called
    Recursive File Deletion Utility at .
    If none of these work, you can use a del or delete command and finally you
    could try the Microsoft Recover Console and using a delete command from there.
    The RC or MRC as some call it has been made more powerful in Windows XP.
    You can rebuild your MBR, boot.ini, or the registry with commands there for
    example. You can set it up as a start option, but you can get to it quickly
    by putting in the XP CD, booting from it which the normal order will make
    happen when you put it in, click yes to "R" , and then once in that black and
    white interface you can put in the command "del" or "delete" [drive] [path:]
    file name. I would be interested in knowing how you finally delete this


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