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    Macro security in Word 2002 (Office XP (SP-1) on Windows XP Professional)

    We are preparing to deploy Office XP (SP-1) on Windows XP Professional. We have set security to High in all Office applications, and are signing all of our macros and templates with a Verisign certificate.

    We had the startup folder set in File Locations to the legacy startup folder under Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice 10. Unsigned macros in this directory did not load, as expected. However, we changed the startup location to a custom folder under Office 10, pw-startup, so we could distinguish our corporate templates from third-party add-ins and user customizations and security no longer works. Anything in this folder, including unsigned autoexec macros, runs just fine, with no warning and no signature.

    We do have Trust all installed add-ins and templates selected, as otherwise valid templates and dll's do not load. However, security is now completely broken on these machines as anything dropped into the startup folder now runs whether we've signed it or not, even if we switch the startup folder back to the original.

    Any thoughts?


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    Re: Macro security in Word 2002 (Office XP (SP-1) on Windows XP Profession

    I think there is no solution in Word itself: trusted means trusted.

    In the logon script you could check the folder and rename (e.g., to .dog) anything you don't want to autoload (anything not on your approved list).

    That would leave offline startups...

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