I use Excel 97 and MSquery with W98 on a Network. I have two questions that I hope someone can answer:
1) Occasionally, I will forget the name and/or location of the query that I am using to get data to refresh the Pivot table. If I have chosen to bring the data back to a worksheet as a table and not as a pivot table, I can click the Edit button and be connected to the query but if I chose to bring the data back directly to a pivot table I don't see that I have that option.
2) After I have created one of my Excel pivot-table applications, things may change (e.g., some employees whose production the table tracks may have left or been re-assigned) and I may want to block there names from the table by double clicking on the field and shading their name or whatever. Is there anyway thatnI can display the names that have been blocked in this way without having the user have to double-click the field or the Page and scroll down looking for highlighted names.
Thanks in advance for whatever help you can give on this.