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    Multiple instance of applications (Windows XP)

    Hi all,

    I had heard somewhere that you can run multiple instances of applications that normally weren't allowed in previous versions of Windows. Like for instance, I have an online app that when I fire it up, it runs a patch program that goes to a patch server to check for updates, then the application runs after it's done patching or checking for patches. If I try to run another instance of it, it says that I can't. Well, I had heard with XP that you can do that. Does anyone know how to do this?? Any info would be a big help, thanks!

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    Re: Multiple instance of applications (Windows XP)

    I believe you may misunderstand how the process works. If the software developer checks for additional instances of their EXE in memory, you won't be able to run the second instance without a change in the program's code.

    XP can run processes as a separate user, for 16 bit tasks a separate memory space can be allocated, and it also has compatibility for older applications to fool them into thinking that they are running on a different platform.

    Certainly not the answer you were looking for, but unless I am completely mistaken it cannot be done the way you want.

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