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    Mail Merge from Access Data Source (2002 SP-1)

    I have a document that was originally created in Word 97 that mail merged information from an Access Data source. It worked quite nicely: It connected to a query that had a parameter tied to it so that I could change the date range of the data.

    After I upgraded to XP, this document lost its connection to Access. I have attempted to create the data source connection again, but with mixed results. (The structure of the Mail Merge Wizard in XP is so different from 97 that I'm not sure I'm even doing it right! I've never had to create an .odc file for a mail merge before--or at least I didn't realize it!!).

    When I run the connection I did create, I get errors stating that "Record 1 contained too few fields..." I had to OK through this several times before it went away. It is as though it attempted to run the query without filling the parameter.

    Does anyone have any ideas??

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    Re: Mail Merge from Access Data Source (2002 SP-1)

    I think <!post=this post, 141022>this post<!/post> on a similar issue may point you to the right stuff, although it deals with an automated merge using VBA (I assume yours is a manual merge). Among other things it tells you how to force Word 2002 to use DDE instead of the OLEDB stuff.

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