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    Outlook AddIn (VB6 sp5)

    I am interested in creating an Outlook 2000 add-in but cannot get anything to work. i have tried the VB ADD-In wizard , created the dll and picked it up in Outlook. the moment it runs i get a message box saying Type Mismatch and that is it.

    Can anyone give me a leg up into the COM Add-In world please ?

    I cannot find any examples of how to get started that work, MS give code examples that have syntax errors or just plain dont work. I dont have the Office 2000 IDE so i cannot take the VBA route.

    any help appreciated

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    Re: Outlook AddIn (VB6 sp5)

    If you can possibly run the code from a regular code module inside Outlook VBA, it will be easier to debug. You also might try verbose logging or message boxes to try to identify the problem area. There have been some threads, I think, on how to efficiently add that to your project.

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