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    Import of Text Files (Access 2000)

    I have a text file that I would like to import

    One of the fields is in the format 100000 and I would like to import it as 1000.00 thus divide the field by 100. Is that possible or how should I do it.

    One of the other fields is a date field but some of the dates is ddmmyy and some is only ddmm. How will I change it to show ddmmyy.

    Thanks for the help


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    Re: Import of Text Files (Access 2000)

    First, some questions:

    1. For the 100000 field, will all fields be divided by 100?
    2. For the date field ddmm, How will you know which year to apply?

    I would suggest importing the data in the text file in its original format. Then develop a query to apply calculations and formatting. You could then base reports or other queries against this query

    This keeps the original dataset intact should you need to review it.


    (It's been a while!)

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    Re: Import of Text Files (Access 2000)

    Gary has given you the basic idea. I agree with him that it is best to import the text file without modifications, and then use a query with calculated fields.

    I would suggest importing the numeric field as long integer (or single if it already contains decimal fractions), and the date field as text.

    Assuming that you want the year to be the current year if it is missing in the text file, the expressions for converting them in a query could look like:

    F1: [Field1]/100

    F2: DateSerial(IIf(Len([Field2])=4,Year(Date()),Mid([Field2],5)),Mid([Field2],3,2),Left([Field2],2))

    You can format F1 as Fixed and F2 as Short Date.

    In this example, the name the numeric field is Field1 and that of the date field is Field2. Substitute the appropriate names.

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