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    Mail Merge to Word (2002/SP1)

    I have a database for volunteers for an upcoming event. The volunteers are assigned to different jobs.

    I have a table for the jobs, which consists of 2 fields, JobNumber and Job and also a table for the volunteers . JobNumber is not indexed, but it is setup to not allow duplicates. In the volunteer table, I have a field called Job, which is a lookup field, this looks up the job in the Job table and puts it in the right place in the Volunteer table. The reason I gave each job a number is that I want to be able to sort the jobs in a particular order, alphabetical won't work, so I use numbers. Everything works great.

    Here's the problem, I want to do a letter in Word to send to the volunteers and show them which jobs they are assigned to. I do a mail merge and use the Volunteer table as my data source. The Job field in the letter only returns the number, not the text. I even tried tying the 2 tables together in Access in a query, again everything in Access works fine, when I try and mail merge using this query, I still only get a number. Even if I put in Job Number and Job fields, both still only show a number.

    Obviously, I have something set wrong somewhere. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.

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    Re: Mail Merge to Word (2002/SP1)

    >>>>>>>>> merge using this query, I still only get a number<<<<<<<<<<<<<


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