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    Data Comparison (A2K SR-1)

    I'm not sure which thread to post this on. I have our internal database that manages just my Battalion's information. Roughly, 1100 records. This data is as accurate as we can get. Then there is the central database for the service based elsewhere that is the "bible". The plan is to download all the relevant information from the "bible" into Excel. Is there a way to compare what we have on ours and what they have on theirs? Then use some kind of conditional formatting to highlight the discrepancies they have.

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    Re: Data Comparison (A2K SR-1)

    Yes - if you download to Excel you can then import it into Access as a new table and compare things with a query or with a form using conditional formatting to display a record from each table. You will need to have a unique key from each table that you can join on so you see equivalent records as a single record in a query. Your form could then be based on that query. Hope this generates some ideas.

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