When I connect via thin client (or Remote desktop connection) to an Access 2000 database running on a W2K terminal server, then I move the cursor to any empty field in forms, the cursor blinks for a long time before allowing you to input text. Moving to the same fields with the keyboard tab does not present this problem but it is very laborious as different users will fill in different fields. In addition, the same behaviour is repeated if you move from field to field in tables, queries, etc, provided the fields are EMPTY. This behaviour is also reproduced by using MS Northwind sample database as well, i.e. it is not just our db. I have not been able to find anything on the support sites. Is there a registry key I can change or any other suggestion to troubleshoot this problem. I have also checked with other people and this seems a general Access/Terminal server problem without a solution. Access does not have a problem when you operate directly on the server console. Would appreciate any idea as I am at loggerheads.