I copied this precis from Chris Perillo's Lockergnome website and got the download from Tech TV's call for help. There have
been a number of posts on organizing and dealing with Favorites, and thought this might be helpful. I pasted this from one of
Chris' newsletters from www.lockergnome.com:

Favorites Home Page v1.5 [62k] W9x/2k/XP FREE


{Clickable Favorites} How do you surf the Web? I'll bet you log on, and then head directly for your Favorites folder. Ya know, they call it a Favorites folder for a reason - because it contains all of the sites you visit on a regular basis. It works easily enough, but what if you wanted to set up a home page with links to all of those different sites? You know, to see all of your Favorites in one fell swoop. Yeah, it sounds pretty cool to me, too - and that's just what this application will help you create. We're used to seeing and using Web pages filled with links, and this is no different. You can configure various page data parameters if the defaults don't strike your fancy.

You can organize your favorites with this and access them more easily from a web page setting with a number
of tweaks.