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    Drivers and Windows Update (Win XP Pro )

    I have Windows Update set to download automatically and
    notify me, but it doesn't except for once recently when
    it put a bubble in my system tray and I couldn't tell what
    it wanted to download that one time. I have been
    getting the very frequent updates (mostly security
    patches for Microsoft vulnerabilities) by either
    going to Update and downloading the critical
    ones or searching for XP updates. When
    I scan for updates, it offers driver updates
    that are either older than the drivers already
    installed for a keyboard or a video driver
    or the same. Could the cause of the
    non-working update be corruption
    and can I repair it? Could the
    cause of the second be the time
    Microsoft takes to test and
    certify the drivers?



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    Re: Drivers and Windows Update (Win XP Pro )

    When I first installed XP Pro back in January, one of the first things I did was to turn off automatic update. All the "experts" I've seen writing about it seem to make me think I made a good decision. Much of what's available on MS's site is stuff that many of us don't need. Anyway, it seems to me it's far better to be in control of what happens to your OS and WHEN it happens.

    I just use the Windows Update selection on the start menu and it takes me here, from which point I only choose critical updates.


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