I am running xp under windows 2000. I have installed IIS from the add new windows components. I have checked and personal web manager is telling me my home page is available on http://ringbourne. I have checked under the server extensions administrator and this clearly shows ringbourne under Front page server extensions. I loaded all this before xp (I remember with PWS it didn't like going on after FP was installed).

Fp tells me that I am using FPSE no but that no server is currently in use (this is under web settings,general).

I have ensured that when I am trying to publish that I am logged on to the internet as it seemed to make a difference under pws - infact I tried it both ways.

But when I try to publish it tells me at some length that all sorts of things could be wrong - - possibly no fp server extensions, server my be out of use, proxy settings may be incorrect or an error may have occured in the web server (MS are certainly leaving nothing to chance here!!).

But I really cannot think what can be the problem - is there anything new I need to install because I am using FP xp, or is there any box I have not ticked somewhere?

Help it is very frustrating!