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    Import Specs: Insert new field?

    Is it possible to insert a new field into an existing import specification? Does there exist a way to edit that specification outside of the import window?

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    Re: Import Specs: Insert new field?

    The import and export specifications are stored in two system tables:
    MSysIMEXSpecs contains the names and general settings.
    MSysIMEXColumns contains the field settings.

    You can create queries (or SQL statements) to manipulate these, but you must be <font color=red>extremely</font color=red> careful - it is easy to mess up your database if you modify the Access system tables. Inserting, deleting or moddifying a record often means that you must modify other records too - something the Wizard takes care of automatically.

    If you want to see what the tables look like, select Tools/Options..., View tab and check System Objects.
    Study the settings for existing specifications in detail before trying to play with them and always backup your database first!

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