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    Printing Problems (Excel 2000)

    Good Day,
    We used to use MS Word to create pallet tags that get attached to pallets of finished goods and the tags are 8.5"x3.75". We never had a problem printing them but we had lots of problems with users entering incorrect data. I created an Excel sheet using a database to ensure that the information on the tag was more accurate and now I'm having some problems I think are Excel related.
    I press file->page steup->options and select the "Custom" page size and change the size from the default which I think is 300x150 to 800x375. This works fine but almost every time someone enters the next code for the next group of tags the print size settings revert back to the default of 300x150( it doesn't happen all the time). This never happened with Word. Is there a way to have a macro set the print size to 800x375? or is there a way to change the default settings to 800x375. (The tags are the only thing this printer is used for.) It is a Lexmark 2490 form (dot matrix) printer.
    I appreciate any advise you can offer.

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    Re: Printing Problems (Excel 2000)

    You should be able to set the default paper size for the printer by:

    1- Select Settings from the Start menu, then click on Control Panel in the Fly-Out menu.

    2- In the Control Panel, double click on Printers.

    3- Find the printer in the list and right click on it, then select Properties from the Pop-Up menu.

    4- From here on, it may be different for your printer. Click on the Advanced tab in the Printer Properties dialog.

    5- Click on the Printing Defaults button.

    6- Click on the Paper tab, then the Custom Button.

    7- Set your paper size.

    If this does not work, then you can use the Workbook Before Print event routine and set the printers paper size there. However, that will require using the Windows API and my API book is in storage so someone else will have to help you with that.
    Legare Coleman

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    Re: Printing Problems (Excel 2000)

    "...almost every time someone enters the next code for the next group of tags ..."

    I'm not sure what that involves exactly, but if it's really the action that causes "page layout amnesia" it might be worth looking into what happens at this stage. Even the most harmless steps could be causing this. I have seen "page layout amnesia" problems in shared Access databases when users have different printers defined. One user does Page Setup for their HP5. Next user doesn't have same printer and Access defaults to standard page setup. Grrrr....
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