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    .asp page - Database upload (FP 2002)

    I am new to this lounge area. I am dabbling in Front Page because I am the person responsible for our INTRANET updates and designs. I recently found that I could look into databases such as ACCESS and display certain records through our INTRANET. Basically my question is since Front Page requires the database be loaded into a directory called FPDB (at least this is the way I was taught), and since the database records are accessed or modified several times daily, how can I programatically get a fresh copy of the records to Front Page after the database is updated? Right now I am dragging/importing the dtabase in and linking that way. Then use the insert database from the menu etc.

    Thank you for any help

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    Re: .asp page - Database upload (FP 2002)

    If you are using the extensions (database components), you can in fact point them to another folder if you wish. What we do, actually, is maintain a separate intranet.mdb that links to the relevant tables in a separate MDB that is updated from the "live" server by an overnight task scheduled in NT. During development, I had to create a "D:longcomplicatedpath" directory on my PC along with a data-free copy of the accounting database to build the links, after which I could publish it to the server. If you are comfortable linking to the live DB, you could do that instead, but for performance reasons, it is best to update a copy on the intranet server itself.

    Sorry to ramble, hope this helps.

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