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    Excel & Powerpoint

    [img]/w3timages/icons/clever.gif[/img]I use Excel spreadsheets to automatically update bar charts. These charts are then copied as links onto a separate sheet that I use for printing each month. There are several charts on the Sheet. I need to also create presentations using these charts. I use Powerpoint and try to copy the sheet as a link from Excel into Powerpoint. I usually cannot get the whole Excel sheet into Powerpoint. The right hand side and the bottom gets truncated. How can I link copies of the Excel charts into Powerpoint without losing some of the sheet?


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    Re: Excel & Powerpoint

    Open up both Power Point and Excel side by side on the screen. Open up the spreadsheet and use "drag and drop" to select and move the sheet to Power Point. Once into PP, use the sizing handles to size the sheet to fit.
    This has worked for me.


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    Re: Excel & Powerpoint

    An alternate method (which I think looks better in PowerPoint).

    Copy the data (not the chart) from Excel.
    Create your chart slide in PowerPoint.
    Click on the DataSheet Button.
    Instead of simply pasting your data in - Use <font color=red>Paste Link</font color=red>.

    Your PowerPoint chart will now update with your data. PowerPoint has basically all the charting tools of Excel. But the results from this method a better looking in my opinion, as PowerPoint uses colours that match the template design and the chart is better integrated with the background.

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