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    VBA 97 & VBA 2002 (french/US)

    I have an old template developped for the first time in Word 97. I kept it updated since then and it works well in word 97, 2000 and 2002 which is necessary in my case
    the VBA code is password protected through the standard feature of Word/VBA editor
    recently I made some changes in the code with word 2002 and since then (?), although it works well on evey platform, I am no more able to open the VBA project in Wd 97 (still OK in Wd 2K).

    very annoying,
    any idea ?

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    Re: VBA 97 & VBA 2002 (french/US)

    This brings back old (and painful) memories from a couple of years ago when I discovered this - the hard way. I believe the VBE's internal password protection method changed between '97 and 2000 - in my experience projects password-protected in Word 2000 were unopenable in Word 97.

    If you need to do any work on the code while on the 97 platform, you may need to first open the project in 2000 and unlock it there (not even sure if that will suffice - don't have Word 97 anymore to test). As you say, very annoying.


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