Having a problem with group policy on a single machine in my network. Two symptoms thus far that I can tell.

I had a folder redirect for Application Data. That redirect has since been removed from the policy, but I cannot get it to change the directory, by registry import file or by manually changing the value of the key. It's like it's still being overridden by the domain policy or something. Cached on the system perhaps?

I've got Office XP assigned to all desktop PCs using a policy called "Default Policy" (not the default Microsoft one). I also created a "Default Software Policy" a while back to keep the software separate, but for a number of reasons did away with it. The log shows that this computer is still attempting to process "Default Software Policy". Document association appears to work, as does installation after clicking a Start Menu item. Every other PC (including another Windows 2000 box) gets the assigned software installed before the user logs on. This one simply won't. Also, occasionally when this user reboots, the software is uninstalled.

Anyone have any ideas of any place to look?