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    External links (2000 SR-1)

    Microsoft project 2000 (9.0.2001.0219 SR-1)

    We are experiencing a great deal of trouble with external links between plans not updating. I.e. a milestone in each plan is linked externally and should therefore reflect the same date, and yet under some circumstances, they do not. The condition seems to be to do with the number of plans open on one PC. We have 21 plans integrated together through one central plan 'Dependency master'. We have in the region of 1300 external dependencies coming out to the project plans to the dependency master, and the same coming out of the dependency master back to the project plans. We have used the normal project method of creating a links between projects.

    It seems that if we have more than about eight of the project plans open along with the dependency master, the links stop updating. i.e. the dates on either end of the dependency differ, even after a recalculation of all plans. Our current work around is to unload projects until the recalculation takes affect.

    Is there a known problem with external dependencies? Is there a limit to the number of dependencies you can have in and out of a plan? Is there a limit due to the length of the path preceding the UID of the predecessor, we currently have around 30 chars including the server name?

    Gareth R. Paul

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    Re: External links (2000 SR-1)


    Some things you may want to check for in your plans, both in the Dependency Master and the project plans:

    1. Ensure that you do not have any links made via a Paste Link which may effect the updates.
    2. Ensure the Update setting in the Links dialog box for all of your links are set to Automatic (Any chance someone set them to manual?)
    3. Any chance you have set constraints on the linked tasks that is preventing them from updating.

    As to the length of the linked project name, I believe it is around 256 characters.

    Did you Insert Projects (i.e., Subprojects)into the Dependency Master or Just link tasks to other projects?? Are you using the Open Windows functionality to review various projects? It sounds as if you are using the Edit, Link Tasks feature.

    What happens if someone inputs a new task. I can't remember if the link is on the ID or UID. If on the ID, your data would not link properly as the ID can change when a new task is entered.

    I do not know of any limitations on how many projects can be linked and opened at one time. (Using the windows functionality, I believe it is around 1,000) (Then again, I don't think I ever created something as complex as you have) However, If both projects aren't open at the same time, the link may not refresh as you already know.

    Bottom line is I do not know of any limitations on the max number of linked plans that can be opened at once or max number of dependencies. If I find anything, I will post back and let you know.


    (It's been a while!)

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