Currently my PC has NT 4.0, Outlook 98, IE 5.5 and Word 97 SR-2 running, among other things. The plan is to upgrade my machine to Windows 2000 (with IE 5.5 or 6) and Office 2000 (including Outlook 2000 and Word 2000). I have quite a few customizations to the settings for Word and Outlook. How can I save these settings so I won't have to do them all over again after the upgrade? I recall seeing a piece of shareware mentioned on some forum that could save this type of information. In general I would appreciate any warnings, hints and suggestions for upgrading with as little loss of production time as possible. Some people in my work group needed over a week to get back to "normal" after having this upgrade. I don't want that to happen to me. I am cross-posting this to the Word & Outlook forums, too.

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