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    Tables - Word 2000 (2000)

    A friend was having difficulty with tables in Word 2000. On screen, it looked perfect, print preview perfect, but on print, the title appeared on one page, but the table below the title always printed on a second sheet / page. I found under format paragraph, line and page breaks that not all the rows were consistent in their setup, some had Orphan Control and Page Break Before ticked and others not and others mixed. The user said they had no played with it. I removed the page break before and printing was okay.
    Then, the next day, another friend asked me to look at their tables problem. With this one, in one cell, the user had type a line, entered and type more data. Then when printing, only the data before the paragraph mark would print, even though the print preview was okay. Removed the paragraph mark in the cell and used Shift Enter. Same problem. Checked the cells / rows again and found the same inconsistency in the Format Paragraph setups.
    Is there a problem with tables in word 2000 or is there a trick to doing tables now?

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    Re: Tables - Word 2000 (2000)

    Hi Leanr:
    I don't know if you're still following this post (I've been away 2 weeks), but to answer your general question.
    1. Tables in Word 2000 are more complex than previously.
    2. However, the problems that you mention sound more like user problems. The documents--or templates upon which they were based--may have styles that had different settings. Or, someone may have used direct formatting.

    Style changing problems can exist without the user knowing. Having Tools/Templates & add-ins/Automatically update document styles is one way, having Format/Style/Modify/Automatically update is another, and, probably the most common, having a number of options checked under Tools/AutoCorrect/Autoformat as you type.


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