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    Building Setup w/ XML (VB6 sp5)

    Ok, now I know why so many of you prefer writing apps in Access rather than VB.

    I wrote a vb app to interpret and convert an xml file into a delimited text file for a customer.

    Knowing Microsoft:
    *Of course* I had to download and install the newest xml parser, msxml4.
    *Of course* they have 3 different versions or choices to download.
    *Of course* it wouldn't install, because it requires the latest greatest Windows Installer.
    Finally, *Of course* I can't figure out how to build a setup package so my customer also has msxml4 installed.

    MS does supply a CAB file to include in your setups. I'm not using the VB Package & Deployment Wizard, but a different setup builder, and have no idea how to get a cab file within my setup package to "run" or be installed.

    I got the bright idea to simply take the msxml4.dll from my development pc and include that in my setup. *Of course* that doesn't work on a target pc. Checking out the MS supplied CAB file, I notice 3 dll files in there, msxml4.dll, msxml4r.dll & msxml4a.dll, plus an inf file, which lists the 3 dlls and says which one needs to be registered (msxml4.dll). Also in there is a long clsid for that one. Don't know what that's for.

    It seems like I could extract the 3 files & include them in my setup, telling the first one to register...Except:

    1: I don't know what the clsid is for, and what happens if I don't use it.
    2: On 2 different machines that I've installed msxml4 on (using the MSI supplied by MS), only 2 of the 3 files were there, the msxml4.dll & msxml4r.dll...the msxml4a.dll is nowhere to be found. I have no idea whether this is gets deleted later, or is for a different platform, or what...Don't know whether to include it in my setup or not.
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    If anybody out there has a) the fortitude to make it through this ranting post, and [img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] the solution/answer, could you pleeeeeease help with this??


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    Re: Building Setup w/ XML (VB6 sp5)

    If I were you, I'd do a test package with the PDW and see what ends up in it. Sounds simplistic, but if your other tool doesn't integrate to the point that it can determine the dependencies, it seems the best shortcut.

    As for the CLSID, I have no clue how those are set. I created an add-in that I registered about 15 times during the course of development and testing. I now have 15 very different CLSIDs in my registry for my add-in, none of which were of my choosing. Again, maybe PDW can shed some light here.

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