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    Adding a column (off 97)

    hello all,

    I have developed a DB that imports and excel file of financial data, which will occur daily. i then have a query that finds the unique entries in the DB. the user is able to go to a form and select the account # the wish to view. all unique transactions then appear based on the acount # selected from a list box. this is all working properly.

    what i need to insert is another column that will display the sum of all the credits/debits FOR EACH INDIVDUAL number. i've tried the wizard but the sum that is returned is not for the selected account number. when a user uses the form to find all transactions for account #123, all the info should be displayed with a column at the end that displays a total for the currently viewed data. how is this done? step by step details would be great;y appreciated as my access skills are not great. thank you veyr much.


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    Re: Adding a column (off 97)

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "Adding a column". Adding it to what? A table? A query? A report?
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    Re: Adding a column (off 97)

    I'm guessing that you want a control (not a column) that would be a sum for the Account you have selected. Use a dsum to do this. A DSum as the recordsource of the control would be as follows:
    =DSum("Amount","Tablename","Account=" & textAccount)
    The assumptions I have made is that textAccount is a control on the form, and you must change the names of Account, Tablename and Amount to your own names.

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