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Thread: Config.Msi??

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    Re: Config.Msi??

    My understanding, and it seems confirmed by the documents you site, is that the config.msi, as well as the .rbf and .rbs files are used for an immediate rollback of a failed installation, such as a power loss during install; in which case, it would Rollback on restart. Once an install is successfully completed, they are of no further use.
    I have deleted them before with no ill effects; but, you could always rename them all for now, to be sure you are comfortable before removing them.

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    Re: Config.Msi??

    Tx James.
    That confirmed my own reading of it.

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    Scott A

    Re: Config.Msi??

    The Config.Msi folder contains any Rollback files. On Windows NT/2000, a lot of times these are files which are being used by the OS. So, the Installer moves the files over to this folder, renames them to .rbf and then copies down the newer version of the file. Since the OS is still using the file, it cann't be "cleaned up" after the installation is done and usually the computer needs to be rebooted before the .rbf files are actually deleted. If, after a reboot, the .rbf files are still there, they are usually safe to delete.

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    Re: Config.Msi??

    This showed up while I was auditing systems.

    The guideline I eventually published was:
    The "config.msi" directory should only be used to hold Windows Installer Rollback files. This directory can be safely deleted if:
    1)You have rebooted since the last software package installation, and
    2)You have used the latest installed software.

    If the "config.msi" directory re-appears, you may be having other problems on your system. Please check with support.

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