This is a long shot, but aren' t all PC bugs?
I have a dial up access to our office linux server as well as several ISP accounts.
The office is my default, which windows dials automatically when I access our server for files or email.
BUT - if I let the auto-dial process try to connect to the office, it stops halfway through the modem training bit and starts trying to dial again - but can't access the modem and I end up having to reboot to reset the modem! :-(
If I manually initiate the same connection, which brings up a subtley different dialogue ( a larger version with name & password boxes), this invariably connects without problems. (It's taken months to realise what's different when it works v's when it doesn't).
To make things weirder, if I choose a different dialup account - eg an ISP, the automatic dialup connection works fine.
If someone can suggest why the automatic connection isn't exactly the same as the manual one, I'd be thrilled!
As far as I can see, I have 1 office dialup account, which can be initiated by 2 different triggers, but it's the same dialup settings used in each case????

All help gratefully acknowledged in anticipation.