I just want to check and see if anyone has any ideas on this before I start going to work on this again. I have a user who has XP running on an IBM ThinkPad, so it's obviously an OEM release. Every time they start/restart the machine, the display settings that they had are lost and the laptop will come up in 1600x1200 mode. The user likes to use 800x600 and switches the settings to that mode after they're up and running, but the next time they restart, the display will be back at 1600x1200. The user is part of the administrators group, and the display settings have also been changed using the local administrator account. Would this be some sort of driver issue? We have another identical machine that has no problems with this, but maybe the driver got "bumped" somehow on this machine or something. If anyone has any ideas on this I would appreciate it, as I have to wait a day for the user to get back into the office tomorrow before I can try solve this one.