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    yes/no prompt (off 97)

    hello all,

    i am running a db that works off a switchboard. one of the buttons allows for the importation of a file. however, this file needs to be formatted first. I would like a msgbox to appear that would ask the use rif they have formatted the file already. if not they could stop the macro form continuing. if they have they would select the other button and continue. thanks.

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    Re: yes/no prompt (off 97)

    Use the following code in a module. Save the module with any name you want but not IsFormated.
    <pre>Sub IsFormated()
    Dim Answer As Integer
    Answer = MsgBox("Is the file formated ?", vbYesNo, "Format")
    If Answer = vbYes Then
    'put the code here to import the file
    End If
    End Sub</pre>

    In the switchbox use the Runcode command and enter IsFormated as Function name.

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