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    sfc tells me that I have a bad file named "4P4AWEC.DLL" It wants me to "Specify the location that contains the file you want to restore" and it want me to specify where to save the file. I DO NOT HAVE A CLUE and I have searched all my books including Woody's and either I am looking the wrong place or creeping senility has struck again. I would appreciate some help. Thanks a whole bunch.

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    Re: sfc

    If the file is from your original Windows installation, the source will be {install path}:.

    I think the file you are looking for is actually FP4AWEC.DLL, which is a FrontPage extension. I believe this is part of the Personal Web Server add-in, and it should also be located on your Windows CD. Plop the CD in your drive, and tell the SFC to look for it there in [drive letter]WIN8.

    Good luck!

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