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    MFC42dll/IE6 Crash/CPU Maxed Freezes Finally Fixed

    Found the solution: Was getting lots of instability--CPU usage 100%; system freezing;
    windows opening small and most annoying I got a MFC 42dll error. "IE will close now"
    which would close all open browser windows and crash me to the desktop. It happened
    right after the Yahoo toobar download and this is not at all to "knock Yahoo." It's just
    to relate the experience--say many attempts wouldn't solve it--and that when I did
    get it uninstalled everything returned to normal immediately. It's the last checkbox on
    a Yahoo email account and even if you say "No" by unchecking the box, it installs anyway. I suspected
    it caused problem because problem happened right after. In addition to the
    Internet Explore closing everytime I closed a particular window from a browser reached
    site with the "red X" I got tremendous CPU usage often sticking at 100% and slowing
    or stopping everything, including opening icons, getting the start menu up, you name it.
    I searched for all the MFC 42dll files as advised and eliminated all but the one that
    is in System32 in the Windows folder which XP wouldn't let you eliminate anyway unless
    perhaps done from the Registry. I checked this folder in Options>Settings>Objects and
    there were three associated files:
    C:WINDOWSDOWNLOADYCOMP4.02.10.inf 4.096 bytes
    C:WINDOWSDOWNLOADYCOMP4.02.10.DLL 126.976 bytes

    Active X Control 128kb (131.972MB)
    Created: 5/11/2002 at 2:49PM
    This is what I saw when I clicked on properties. I suspected this highly so I tried to delete
    it from it's place in objects and it wouldn't let me delete it (said "in use by other programs.")
    I opened two Yahoo email accounts did not check the Yahoo toolbar download and found
    that this villain (to me) will download anyway. Finally I found an uninstall click on the
    toolbar itself. I uninstalled and restarted and it was gone. Immediately my IE windows
    opened full size again but most importantly, I can close them and no longer do I get the
    MFC 42dll error (I read every KB and MSDN library article on Microsoft Foundation
    Class Libraries and Objects)--some in language I don't yet understand and none
    of them helped me). I no longer have the problem; I no longer get the error I tried so
    many ways to fix, and I no longer have the excessive CPU usage. So obviously something to do
    with that Yahoo toolbar download caused this annoying messup in my system. I also
    deleted it from the registry in every key under which it was entered and that still did nothing
    to stop the error or uninstall the toolbar. If someone enjoys adventure and breaking to
    fix, install the Yahoo toolbar by creating a Yahoo email account. It began to be offered
    about May 10, 2002 and see if you get the same problem.
    I am really interested in how such an innocent download (it was listed as
    damaged in Options>Settings>Objects when I rightclicked it and hit Properties
    from the context menu). Possibly it got damaged in the download and the
    damaged file caused all the problems and not the toolbar itself. I know I'm going
    to get the toolbar again anytime I create a new Yahoo acount. But I know
    I can get rid of it and the enormous problem--system freezing, killing any IE
    window closing all of them and crashing you to the desktop with the MFC42.dll
    IE 6 error by going to the "Yahoo toolbar" itself and clicking uninstall there.

    Does anyone know why this toolbar caused the MFC42dll error with its
    immediate crash to the desktop and the CPU usage and system freezes?
    I would sure like to understand this--it's one of the bigger problems I've seen
    and I thought I might have to wipe and reload XP which is a pain.



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    IE 6 Closes when Window is Closed CPU Maxed Freeze

    I just started getting an" Internet Explorer will close now" error. It began occuring
    after some new Yahoo mail account download where they try to get you to accept a
    number of things including switch your homepage that they began offering. I doubt though
    that this has caused the problem. I suspect more a file corruption in IE. I tried redownloading it , but this doesn't help. I only get the error when I try to close a webpage
    while using the browser. Closing anything else doesn't cause this. The error message
    I get says:

    Signauter Application Name: iexplore.exe Mod Name mfc42dll
    Mod Version 6.0 8666/0 Offset 00001c65

    COCUME~1ADMINI~1LOCALS~1TempWER2D.tmp.dir00appcompa t.txt
    will be included with the error report.

    I searched for the yahoo file after clicking on the icon's properties to get the file path,
    and deleted it. But no help there. I know that you could "repair" IE from the Control
    Panel in 2000, NT, 9X but that doesn't exist here. I suspect that if I knew some
    command line repairs ( a number are discussed in the Resource Kit such as
    Active Setup Log.txt, Setup API.log, IE Setup Log.txt and a whole section of commands
    and terms that I don't pretend to understand or have facility with.
    I have used the Microsoft Recovery Console before to repair things from another,
    different disaster, and will read up on whether I can repair IE there. I will do a
    search on mfc42dll and I thought about posting this on the IE section, but I
    thought I might reach more help here and I'm not sure it's not an XP problem
    rather than an isolated IE problem. I also have gotten ideas in the reading of
    going in and changing some of the Tools>Options security or other settings to
    see if by process of elmination this would help. Would be very appreciative
    of any help--and would sure try a regedit if I knew what to try.
    One clue is that I can browse fine, everything works fine as long as I
    don't try to hit the X on the name bar above the tool bar and try to close the window.
    It has been opening small, about two inches tall, and my usual approach to control
    the size of the window is to click it closed after stretching to the size I want while
    holding down the Ctrl button--that's where this first came up. But if I click that X
    then I get the error message and IE closes and kicks me back to the desktop.
    I'm not getting the error that MFC42.DLL is missing--I googled and saw that
    at I can get that file to remedy the "missing" error message
    but I am getting the mention of MFC42.dll in my error message as above.
    I will hit the KB hard and also Microsoft DLL help to try to isolate and identify
    the problem. I could try downloading MFC42.dll. I read that sometimes you
    download applications that assume you have the file when you don't. But I'm
    getting the mention of it, not the "missing error."
    Can I repair by putting in the disc and getting into the MRC--tempted to try?
    Is there a fix in the registry?

    Thanks for any help.


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