When I log on to a Windows 2000 workstation I can't click on the start button, the button is depressed but there are no menu items. Also I can't access the control panel and various other tools.

We are in the process of upgrading our nt4 domain to win2k. Not all of the domain controllers have been upgraded as yet. All of the workstations are nt4. The desktops are locked down so that users can't access the control panel or make changes to desktop. Also the start button is redirected to a network drive so that everybody gets the same start menu.
We have 3 systems policies in effect these are determined by which nt groups you are in. We are creating a new w2k workstation build. I have created a new user and not made that user a member of any of the policy groups, when I log on using this new user an nt4 policy seems to be applied as the start button is redirected and most of the tools are innaccesible.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!!!!