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    Email problem (Outlook 2000 SR-1)

    Recently encountering problem sending emails with attachments in Outlook. The symptoms are that the message will typically take an extended period (30-60 sec using a cable modem), not complete, and produce an error ("TCP/IP connection was unexpectedly terminated by server"). After repeated tries, the email will eventually send but in many cases the recipients will tell me that they received the email without any attachment. My Sent file shows the email with the attachment. I talked to my cable internet provider who showed me how to send email via my email account but outside Outlook and there does not seem to be any problems. I believe the problem is with Outlook. I have tried rthe repair function of Office and Outlook but it does not seem to make a difference. I assume I should probably reinstall Outlook but I am not sure the best way to do that.

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    Re: Email problem (Outlook 2000 SR-1)

    The Add/Remove control panel program for Office should offer you a "repair" option. You might try that first.

    You also could try recreating your account settings and/or profile.

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