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    Shading across a page break (2002)

    I have added some background shading to my Heading 1 style. If I am typing along and put in a page break (ctrl-enter) and then enter some text at the top of the page in Heading 1 style, the last line of the previous page will also be shaded.

    I understand that this is because the page-break is part of the paragraph that follows it. The only way I am able to fix my problem is to insert an empty paragraph at the top of the page with no shading. I then usually shrink it down to be very small so it doesn't make my margin look unusually large. That seems cumbersome. Is there a better way?

    Also, can someone teach me the mystery of searching for past responses on these forums? My search for "page break" only returned one hit! I hate to ask a question like this that I know has been answered before.

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    Re: Shading across a page break (2002)

    The easiest solution is to use Format > Paragraph > Line and Page Breaks > Page Break Before.

    If you want all Heading 1's to start on new pages then set this paragraph format in the style for Heading 1, otherwise just set it on individual paragraphs.

    The other method that I use sometimes is to set the Keep With Next attribute on the first few paragraphs after the Heading 1, this makes sure that the Heading 1 doesn't end up near the bottom of a page but allows it to move up if there is enough room on the previous page for the Heading 1 and the first few paragraphs after it.


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