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    Image resolutions mystery (97/2000 on Win98/2000)

    Our public "scanning station" has an issue that I am trying to work around. I need to convert a scanned 8.5" x 11" fax into a GIF that will print from a browser. The scanning software allows me to crop the margins, so this is possible in theory, but the image ends up being too wide, that is, having too many pixels across to print from a browser window.

    The workaround is to scan the image "into" Word rather than into Paint. In that case, the image appears as its "real" size (after setting size to 100%). If I then open that Word document on my 2000/2000 computer, right-click and copy the image, and paste into Paint, I get an image that will comfortably print from a browser. My problem is, I can't seem to find a way to replicate this on other configurations.

    The original image is approximately 7.58" inches wide. All computers are set for Hi Color (16 bit). This is what I am getting:

    <table border=1><td>OS Version</td><td>Office Version</td><td>Screen Resolution</td><td>Pixels wide in Paint</td><td>Win 98</td><td>Office 97</td><td>1024 x 768</td><td>912 Scanning station</td><td>Win 98</td><td>Office 2000</td><td>1024 x 768</td><td>912 Standard configuration</td><td>Win 98</td><td>Office 2000</td><td>800 x 600</td><td>729</td><td>Win 2000</td><td>Office 2000</td><td>1024 x 768</td><td>616 Best fit</td><td>Win 2000</td><td>Office 2000</td><td>800 x 600</td><td>481 No longer 7.58 inches</td></table>
    There does seem to be some difference between Win98 and Win2000, but I'm not sure what that reflects. Any ideas?

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    Re: Image resolutions mystery (97/2000 on Win98/2000)

    Hi John,

    Could come down to differences in video cards/drivers and/or monitor refresh rates. I know things like this shouldn't affect things, but I've seen a change in monitor refresh rates alter Word's word wrapping and the number of lines that can fit on a page. The other likely culprit is the printer driver - is it the same, with the same settings, on all machines?

    From the table attached to your post, it looks like the scanner's image is about 50% too wide. That being the case, why not reduce it's resolution by about 1/3rd? Also, some bitmap editing software can re-scale an image. Though I haven't got a copy handy, I think Infranview can do this too.

    Paul Edstein
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