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    Record Volume Control

    Every time I startup up windows the microphone is the default recording device selected (tick box selected) on the record volume control (Sounds and Multimedia / Audio / Sound Recording) but I need to record with Line In. So I would like to ask two things:

    1 - How can I change the selected default to be Line In instead of Microphone, and

    2 -How can I create a shortcut directly to the recording volume control. The closest I can get to is to make a shortcut to the "sounds and multimedia" menu from Control panel, which I then need to open, click on the Audio tab, and click on the Sound Recording Volume button. I am doing this several times a day (because I need to select Line In) , and would prefer it to be one click away, either in the taskbar, or on the desktop. Is there a way?

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    Re: Record Volume Control

    I don't know the answer to #1, but I strongly suspect this has more to do with the audio card drivers than anything else.

    For #2, you can make the volume icon appear in the system tray, and then you are but a double-click away from the full complement of volume controls. A single click will reveal a simple master volume control.

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