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    Sharing folders (XP Home)

    I've got a folder on my XP machine that is set up to share across the network. I've set it so that it is not read-only and that other users can change the files. I can see the folder from my other two machines on the network, but I can't open the folder at all, access denied. All shared folders on my win98 machines are there and accessable. What do I have to do to be able to open this folder from another box on the network? The only thing I could see as possible was to drag everything to the Shared Documents folder. I'm stumped.


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    Re: Sharing folders (XP Home)

    Could be where the users are authenticating. If your XP system is not on a domain and the users are trying to access the shares, you may need to create a user account for them.

    Oh, and make sure that useless "Simple File Sharing" is turned off.

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