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    How to handle 'damaged' file (Win XP Pro)

    In trying to solve a problem I've posted with IE(an MFC42.dll fault error) that crashes me
    to desktop everytime I close a window in the browser:

    [Faulting application iexplore.exe, version 6.0.2600.0,
    faulting module mfc42.dll, version 6.0.8665.0, fault
    address 0x00001c65]

    I found a "corrupt" file at Options>Settings>View Objects. It has
    to do with a Yahoo Mail account installation. When I
    try to delete it thinking it could be a potential problem, I can't because
    it says the file is in use by some other application. The window says
    "Please close all applications or restart." I've done this, and it still
    doesn't allow me to delete the Yahoo file. I tried searching for it and
    it doesn't show up (with "show all hidden files enabled." Any thoughts
    on how I can delete this file?



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    Re: How to handle 'damaged' file (Win XP Pro)

    Try something first: look for multuiple copies of the file. MFC42.DLL is a basic Windows component (Microsoft Foundation Classes) that many programs refer back to. Those common file dialogs and on-screen buttons, for example.

    Cick on your taskbar. Press F3. Search all hard drives for MFC42.DLL. If there are copies in locations other than %systemroot%SYSTEM32 (where this is your windows folder, either WINNT or WINDOWS) and %systemroot%SYSTEM32DLLCACHE, rename, delete, or move them.

    You can also extract the original MFC42.DLL Stick your XP Pro CD in the drive and use the following command after typing Start - Run - CMD: [pre]EXPAND -r {CD-ROM Drive}:i386MFC423.DL_ C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DLLCACHE[pre]I can't remember if file protection will step on this and cry foul or not. If it does, post back with any errors.

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