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    Excel sales commission plan

    I would like to know how one can create a graduated sales commission plan in Excel. Any templates available that could be altered would be very helpful. Thanks in advance for any input.

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    Re: Excel sales commission plan

    It's relatively easy, depending on how your grad scale works. Set up the schedule and use =vlookup() to find and calculate the graduated scale.

    I don't have a graduated commission schedule readily available. Instead, attached is an example of a well-known US inverse graduated scale; the 2000 year of tax US personal income tax schedule. The attached has all the personal schedules, but only "married filing jointly" is set up for calculation. (Guess what I'm working on today?) The calc doesn't work for incomes below $6,450, God bless anyone to whom this omission applies.

    You could easily mess with this to come up with a sliding scale commission schedule. If you have something specific in mind, post it and we'll beat it into submission.
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    Re: Excel sales commission plan

    If you aren't the one!!! This worked better the anything I've tried for the Federal Tax. Thank you so very much...You gave me a great deal to work with and I look forward to the saved me.
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