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    Can't see dropdowns (6.0.26)

    When I go to my company website with any of 20 different computers (other than mine and 1 other), there are lists that open as the cursor passes over them. When I go there with mine it won't do it. I have searched on the net and found other sites, Microsoft for example, that it does work on, but not on my company site. Any hints would be deeply appreciated. The company site is Other computers have the same version of Internet explorer as mine & they work. My computer has XP and the other has Millenium.

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    Re: Can't see dropdowns (6.0.26)

    I just went to] ....I have WinME, IE6.0 and the only thing that actually worked - so to speak- was a 'popup' about joining the newsletter for postcardmania. Other than that, nothing 'dropped' down when I ran my mouse over anything. Maybe the security settings that I have are set too high or it's my Norton's Firewall or ?????. Sorry, don't know what else to suggest. Perhaps others have something else they know about why this happens?

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    Re: Can't see dropdowns (6.0.26)

    For more info, The green horizontal list across the top of the page, where it says things like: >> sample gallery, is the area I am talking about that should show a mouse over list.

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    Re: Can't see dropdowns (6.0.26)

    Try putting it in your Trusted Sites zone and see if that fixes it. I think the only thing you need Enabled for the page to work is Active Scripting, but I only reviewed briefly.

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    Re: Can't see dropdowns (6.0.26)

    Nothing shows whatsoever...sorry.

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    Re: Can't see dropdowns (6.0.26)

    The mouse over works fine on this computer. Below is the code that runs the "mouse over menus" (excuse the length, but this demonstrates how this works). You will note it is using JavaScript and DHTML. I suspect that one would need to have Active Scripting enabled -- at a minimum -- for this to work. You may want to check with Thomas Bratti if you cannot figure out why this does not work for you.

    <BODY bgcolor="White">
    <script language="JavaScript1.2" src="coolmenus.js">
    /************************************************** *****************************
    Copyright 1999 Thomas Brattli (

    eXperience DHTML coolMenus - Get it at
    Version 2.0
    This script can be used freely as long as all copyright messages are
    intact. Visit for the latest version of the script.

    These are the varibles you have to set to customize the menu.
    ************************************************** *****************************/
    /************************************************** ******************************
    Variables to set.

    Remember that to set fontsize and fonttype you set that in the stylesheet
    ************************************************** ******************************/

    //Making a menu object
    oMenu=new menuObj('oMenu') //Place a name for the menu in there. Must be uniqe for each menu

    //Setting menu object variables

    //Style variables NOTE: The stylesheet have been removed. Use this instead! (some styles are there by default, like position:absolute ++)
    oMenu.clMain='padding:5px; font-family:ITC officina sans,geneva,verdana; font-size:11px; font-weight:bold;' //The style for the main menus
    oMenu.clSub='padding:5px; font-family:geneva,verdana; font-size:11px;' //The style for the submenus
    oMenu.clSubSub='padding:5px; font-family:geneva,verdana; font-size:11px;' //The style for the subsubmenus
    oMenu.clAMain='text-decoration:none; color:#ccff66' //The style for the main links
    oMenu.clASub='text-decoration:none; color:White' //The style for the sub links
    oMenu.clASubSub='text-decoration:none; color:White' //The style for the subsub links

    //Background bar properties
    oMenu.backgroundbar=1 //Set to 0 if no backgroundbar
    oMenu.backgroundbarfromleft=0 //The left placement of the backgroundbar in pixel or %
    oMenu.backgroundbarfromtop="120" //The top placement of the backgroundbar in pixel or %
    oMenu.backgroundbarsize="100%" //The size of the bar in pixel or %
    oMenu.backgroundbarcolor="#669933" //The backgroundcolor of the bar

    oMenu.mainheight=25 //The height of the main menuitems in pixel or %
    oMenu.mainwidth=200 //The width of the main menuitems in pixel or %

    /*These are new variables. In this example they are set like the previous version*/
    oMenu.subwidth=oMenu.mainwidth*1.2 // ** NEW ** The width of the submenus
    oMenu.subheight=35 //The height if the subitems in pixel or %

    oMenu.subsubwidth=270 // ** NEW ** The width of the subsubmenus in pixel or %
    oMenu.subsubheight=25 //** NEW ** The height if the subsubitems in pixel or %

    //Writing out the style for the menu (leave this line!)

    oMenu.subplacement=oMenu.mainheight //** NEW ** Relative to the main item
    oMenu.subsubXplacement=oMenu.subwidth/2 //** NEW ** The X placement of the subsubmenus, relative to the sub item
    oMenu.subsubYplacement=7 //** NEW ** The Y placement of the subsubmenus, relative to the sub item

    oMenu.mainbgcoloroff='#669933' //The backgroundcolor of the main menuitems
    oMenu.mainbgcoloron='#669933' //The backgroundcolor on mouseover of the main menuitems
    oMenu.subbgcoloroff='#99cc66' //The backgroundcolor of the sub menuitems
    oMenu.subbgcoloron='#9966cc' //The backgroundcolor on mouseover of the sub menuitems
    oMenu.subsubbgcoloroff='#ff0099' //The backgroundcolor of the subsub menuitems
    oMenu.subsubbgcoloron='#663399' //The backgroundcolor on mouseover of the subsub menuitems
    oMenu.stayoncolor=0 //Do you want the menus to stay on the mouseovered color when clicked?

    oMenu.menuspeed=35 //The speed of the clipping in px
    oMenu.menusubspeed=35 //The speed of the submenus clipping in px

    oMenu.menurows=1 //Set to 0 if you want rows and to 1 if you want columns

    oMenu.menueventon="mouse" //Set this to "mouse" if you want the menus to appear onmouseover, set it to "click" if you want it to appear onclick
    oMenu.menueventoff="mouse" //Set this to "mouse" if you them to disappear onmouseout, if not set it to "click"

    //Placement of the menuitems

    //Example in %:
    //oMenu.menuplacement=new Array("20%","40%","60%","50%","65%") //Remember to make the arrays contain as many values as you have main menuitems

    //Example in px: (remember to use the ' ' around the numbers)
    oMenu.menuplacement=new Array(5,200,300,390,590)

    //Example right beside eachother (only adding the pxbetween variable)

    //If you use the "right beside eachother" you cant how many pixel there should be between each here
    oMenu.pxbetween=0 //in pixel or %

    //And you can set where it should start from the left here
    oMenu.fromleft=120 //in pixel or %

    //This is how much from the top the menu should be.
    oMenu.fromtop=120 //in pixel or %

    /************************************************** ******************************
    Construct your menus below
    ************************************************** ******************************/

    //MAIN 0

    //Main items:
    // makeMain(MAIN_NUM,'TEXT','LINK','FRAME_TARGET') (set link to 0 if you want submenus of this menu item)
    oMenu.makeMain(0,' ABOUT POSTCARD MANIA','about.asp',0)
    //Sub items:
    // makeSub(MAIN_NUM,SUB_NUM,'TEXT','LINK',TOTAL,'FRAM E_TARGET') (set link to 0 if you want submenus of this menu item)
    oMenu.makeSub(0,0,' Getting Started','about.asp',7)
    oMenu.makeSub(0,1,' Frequently Asked Questions','faq.asp',7)
    oMenu.makeSub(0,2,' Customer Testimonials','testimonials.asp',7)
    oMenu.makeSub(0,3,' Customer in the Spotlight','spotlight.asp',7)
    oMenu.makeSub(0,4,' Meet the Maniacs','maniacs.asp',7)
    oMenu.makeSub(0,5,' How to Submit Materials','howtosubmit.asp',7)
    oMenu.makeSub(0,6,' Quote Request',' Request',7)
    //SubSub items:
    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,1,0,'ZoomFade','#',7)
    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,1,1,'ScrollText','#',7)
    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,1,2,'PageScroll','#',7)
    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,1,3,'Foldoutmenu','#',7)
    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,1,4,'Spotlight','#',7)
    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,1,5,'Bgchange','#',7)
    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,1,6,'Showhide','#',7)

    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,2,0,'DHTML Guestbook','#',6)
    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,2,1,'DHTML Intro','#',6)
    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,2,2,'CircleMenu','#',6)
    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,2,3,'DHTML Space 1.0','#',6)
    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,2,4,'Old site 4','#',6)
    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,2,5,'BallControl','#',6)

    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,3,0,'Site FAQ','#',2)
    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,3,1,'Scripts FAQ','#',2)

    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,4,0,'Introduction','#',3)
    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,4,1,'5th generation','#',3)
    // oMenu.makeSubSub(0,4,2,'Keyboard','#',3)

    oMenu.makeSubSub(0,5,0,' Basic Information on Submitting Art','howtosubmit.asp',3)
    oMenu.makeSubSub(0,5,1,' Art Submission Checklist','howtosubmit_art.asp',3)
    oMenu.makeSubSub(0,5,2,' Templates','howtosubmit.asp#templates',3)

    //MAIN 1
    oMenu.makeMain(1,' SERVICES','services.asp',0)
    oMenu.makeSub(1,0, ' Design Services - We Can Do It For You!','design.asp',5)
    oMenu.makeSub(1,1, ' Mailing Services - Let Us Mail Them For You!','mailing.asp',5)
    oMenu.makeSub(1,2, ' Mailing Lists - Do You Sell to Businesses or Consumers?','lists.asp',5)
    oMenu.makeSub(1,3, ' Copywriting - What words should you put on your postcards','copywriting.asp',5)
    oMenu.makeSub(1,4, ' Marketing Campaigns - C&rsquo;mon now, you need a plan!','campaigns.asp',5)
    oMenu.makeSubSub(1,2,0,' Submitting Your Own List','lists_own.asp',2)
    oMenu.makeSubSub(1,2,1,' List Non-Disclosure Agreement','lists_own.asp',2)

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