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    default table

    I'm creating a template and I want to include in it a table that will be the default for "insert a table" ... can this be done? and , if so, how? The table would be fairly simple, that is, 3col, 2row, but all table lines would be in blue with a double double rule beneath the heading. I can create this using draw table but I would like it to be easily added for any table used in the document using this template.

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    Re: default table

    Hi Joe,

    You can create an AutoText entry for your table.

    - Create the table in your template
    - Select it and press <Alt F3> (AutoText)
    - Provide a name for the AutoText entry

    You can add the AutoText entry to a toolbar if you want:
    - Right-click any toolbar and select Customize
    - On the Commands tab locate AutoText in the Categories list
    - Locate the AutoText entry on the left
    - Drag/Drop to the location of your choice

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    Re: default table

    Hi Joe,

    One step I forgot...(Sorry!)

    At some point before you create your AutoText entry, go to Insert/AutoText/AutoText and change "Look in" at the bottom so it reflects your template.

    Otherwise the AutoText entry will get added to your If you have already done this, use Tools/Templates and Add-Ins and the Organizer to add the AutoText entry to your template.

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