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    IE in WinXP Pro Locking (IE6/Win XP Pro)

    I have a client with a New Dell Inspiron Laptop. It works perfectly except when attempting to run IE on the Internet. After a few seconds to a minute IE 6 locks and freezes the entire system. Must do hard shutdown. This happens when connected directly through a broadband or a modem and dial-up. My client takes the laptop on the road and accesses her Email via an HTTPS Exchange Server. She is unable to get email this way. As a workaround I had her open Outlook (OfficeXP Pro) and use the "address" feature. She can then access her email, but not browse the Internet. Any help re IE6 lock-up.

    Allan Papkin

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    Re: IE in WinXP Pro Locking (IE6/Win XP Pro)

    Tried waiting it out for a few minutes to confirm that whatever IE6 is trying to do doesn't time out by itself?

    Does the home page load before it locks?

    Any chance it is trying to check with MS for browser updates at the time it is locking?

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