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    protect modules (Access 2000)

    is it possible to make my modules secured besides the making of an mdb file? Actually through the command GetExternalObjects everybody can open another database and copy there the modules.I have tried also the security wizard but then i cannot open my database at all

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    Re: protect modules (Access 2000)

    If you can't open the database at all, you didn't use the security wizard correctly or you forgot to join the secured workgroup for that database.

    You can password protect modules from the VBE. Click on Tools then select the Project Properties for your project. You'll see a Protection tab that will allow you to Lock Project for Viewing. Be warned, however, that this protects *all* code modules in the project, including form and report modules. It also means that errors can no longer break into code without a password, so you may have to change your options settings.

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    I'm going to lock this thread, since the followup question here is the one you really want answered.

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    Re: protect modules (Access 2000)

    Another way is to put your modules in a separate database, then make that into a .mde database. Then create a reference from your original database to this "module" database.
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