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    (2) The feature you are trying to use ... (Office XP, WinME)

    I have installed SP2 for Office XP and I am conscious that one or two features are not yet installed (eg Help for WP Users). They were marked "Install at first use" during the original install.

    Pretend I attempt to use Help for WP Users tomorrow. I will be prompted to insert the Office XP CDROM and the feature will be installed. How can I find out if it has been modified by SP2. If it has I will presumably need to re-run the SP2 install.

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    Re: (2) The feature you are trying to use ... (Office XP, WinME)

    I believe the Windows Installer is supposed to handle that for you. The entire update is stored in a strangely named folder somewhere on your C drive for the Installer's future reference.

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