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    Reduce Spacing in Heading Style? (XP)


    The attached Scrn. Shot with Non-Printing Characters showing, visually displays how the heading Style looks like.

    I am trying to get rid of that large space between the Heading Number and the Text.
    The space is due to that Tab Character.

    How can I reduce it or get rid of it?
    Pls. advise.


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    Re: Reduce Spacing in Heading Style? (XP)

    The following works in Word 97. Don't know if it's the same in XP. Also, since I am using a foreign-language version of Word, my English may be slightly off.

    Click in a paragraph with that style.
    Click Modify...
    From the Format dropdown list, select Paragraph...
    In the Indent section, there is a box for Special.
    Decrease the amount in the By box.

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    Re: Reduce Spacing in Heading Style? (XP)

    You can change this indent by changing the List Style associated with your headings.

    Warning you must change all the styles in the associated list gallery entry on a single visit to the dialog box, or word gets into a really confused state.

    <UL><LI>Move your cursor to a Level 1 heading
    <LI>Format > Style > Modify > Format > Numbering
    <LI>Set the space between number and text for a level 1 heading with "Text Position", "Indent At"
    <LI>Select Level 2
    <LI>Set the spacing for this level
    <LI>Continue through all levels, setting the spacing you want
    <LI>Do not click the OK button until you have done all levels[/list]If you set too small a space for any level then you will see that Word adds an extra Tab mark to move the text to the right, if this happens then go through the whole thing again, moving the text further to the right.

    It is easiest to do this if you first create some headings for each level, so that you can visually inspect all the indents at once.


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