This is the first of three procedures for a module INI.

It perfprms a raw low-level function to see if there is an INI file, and if there is a section within it, and if there is a data key within that section. It ought never modify the filestore.

<pre>Public Function strPPS(strSect As String, strKey As String, strFile As String) As String
' Procedure : strPPS
' Description: This code obtains a PrivateProfileString from an INI file.
' Copyright: Chris Greaves Inc.
' Inputs: A section name, a key name, a file name.
' Returns: STRING value of the parameter.
' Assumes: Nothing
' Side Effects: None.
' Tested: By the calls shown below.
Dim strReturnedString As String ' will hold the string (if any) from the INI file
Dim intSize As Integer ' availble space for string - aka the length of the buffer.
Dim intCharsReturned As Integer ' count of characters actually returned.
strReturnedString = Space$(255) ' buffer set aside for the API call
intSize = Len(strReturnedString) ' To tell API how much space is available
intCharsReturned = apiGetPrivateProfileString(strSect, strKey, "", strReturnedString, intSize, strFile)
If intCharsReturned = 0 Then ' Didn't find the value
strPPS = "" ' so return an empty string
strPPS = Left(strReturnedString, intCharsReturned) ' return only the significant characters
End If
'Sub TESTstrPPS()
'MsgBox strPPS("section4", "key4", "section4") ' Should NOT create a SECTION4.INI file in template's directory.
'End Sub
End Function