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    Mail Merge or Automation (Word/Access 2000)

    We currently have a client who runs a number of one-record mail merges, some of which have quite a bit of logic embedded in the Word main document, from their Access database on a frequent basis. I suggested they consider using the Automation approach where we simply push out data to a Word document, as my experience suggests it is a fair bit faster than doing a Merge. They seem somewhat reluctant to abandon the mail merge approach, so I'm looking for opinions from others as to the pros and cons in this situation.

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    Re: Mail Merge or Automation (Word/Access 2000)

    What I've done in the past is export the merge data to a format that Word can read as a table. I set up the merge template with its datasource as the export file, and that saves having to reconnect the document when the source file is overwritten by the next export. That allows them to run their mail merge from Word without the extra overhead of Access as well.

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