In Outlook 98 and 2000, I was able to view all my contacts with different color fonts. I did this by customizing a modified address card in the following way: Under the Automatic Formatting button, I would use different color fonts for rules that corresponded to my most frequently used categories. For instance, the Family rule would have each contact with the Family category checked showing up in green, the Finances rule would have financial contacts show up in grey. Even though those same rules exist in Outlook 2002, I cannot get Outlook to color these contacts for any of my views.

This may or may not be related. I believe in Outlook 98 & 2000, the Organize feature for Contacts used to have Using Colors button under Ways to Organize Contacts much the same way as Organize does for the Inbox.

Does anyone know if this was a feature that was deleted from 2002, or if I am doing something wrong. Any advice you could give would be appreciated.