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    Backing up solution - desperate!

    I have been trying to get an easy solution for backing up selected files to CD-RW's on a laptop running Win XP Pro. I want my user not to have to deal with the "complexities" of NTbackup, so have been attempting 2 routes - either a batch file, with a straightforward command to copy selected files and directories from (HD->RW CD), which gives me "access denied" against each file, or a command line NTBackup command, in which case it seems that my CD-RW is not accepted as a valid backup medium (nor does the GUI option seem to allow it).

    I know there are other non-CDRW solutions out there (Iomega et al), but is there any way of doing this painlessly without extra hardware?

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

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    Re: Backing up solution - desperate!

    It sounds like you are *not* looking for a compiled program to do this, but in case you are interested this may work for you:

    Karen's Replicator

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