I am attempting to automate the backup of a Win2K Server (SP2). 4mm tape drive, 4/8 Gbyte tapes. Full backup fits on one tape. I would like to have the backup scheduled (using ntbackup utility that came with Win2K) for 23:00 M-F. I have the command line and the tapes in the media pool. What I am wanting to do is write a batch file (I'm from the Unix environment where things where easy) to perform the backup, eject the tape (rsm eject /pf"media-id-goes-here" /astart) and then send the log file to my email account. (Offsite). OE is alive and well, but is there a command line that will let me pick up the log and send it (like the unix 'mail' command).???

Thanks guys/gals for your patience and help in advance.