I'm trying to teach myself to use IMAP in OL instead of POP, so I can access mail from home and office.
BUT I use exlife to filter messages to other folders, and exlife doesn't seem to notice that a message in the IMAP folders is marked as deleted (but not purged), so I'm getting multiple copies of messages as I filter them to storage folders!
Can someone explain how to tell exlife to skip "marked for deletion" messages. Seems a shame to purge them before filtering.
Ideally, I want to COPY the files to a separate file which I keep on a usb drive, so I want to leave them on the server as a form of backup. But it's looking like I'll have thousands of duplicates if I keep copying or moving from the IMAP folders??
After all, MaryJ - you put me onto exlife in the first place :-)

Thanks as always.